Shanghai, the bustling Metropolis with unlimited Possibilities


Shanghai,the bustling Metropolis with unlimited Possibilities


Today, that which was once nicknamed the "Paris of the East  ",Shanghai is the epitamy of fascination for the budding traveller in search of new adventures and unexpected encounters.

Of all major Asian cities, Shanghai is certainly one which, at present, fulfils most passions, desires and fantasies. The city, China's most populated, symbolises its economic development and lavish contemporary trends - architecture, fashion, cuisine - the bustling metropolis is often described as futuristic and full of energy. European influences are prevalent, as both British and French colonial powers, largely administered the city and its highly strategic port.

Today, that which was once nicknamed the "Paris of the East  ",Shanghai is the epitamy of fascination for the budding traveller in search of new adventures and unexpected encounters. To help you make the most of this, we invite you to discover the "best of Shanghai" including what not to miss in this city of over 25 million inhabitants and also, as usual, the best places, restaurants, hotels, the best shopping spots, bars and of course the partying through the night.


What to do in Shanghai? 10 things not to miss

  1. Walking on the Bund

If you are in Shanghai for a few hours, hail a cab and go straight for the Bund! The boulevard along the Huangpu River Puxi side (the west bank of Shanghai, Pudong opposition) symbolizes the rich colonial past of the city. At the time of development, the British occupied this strip of land - hence its Chinese name, Waitan , which literally means "the foreign bank " – where imposing Western-style buildings were built housing banks, consulates, major hotels, trading houses and opium shops.

Today, the Bund remains one of the most majestic boulevards of Shanghai and undoubtedly one of the favourite places to walk. Admire the skyline of Pudong across the river, including the impressive Shanghai Tower (128 floors to 623 meters tall, the second tallest tower in the world) or enjoy the myriad prestigious buildings from settlers past. Luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, trendy bars and art galleries are dozen fold, drawing in at any time of day or night, crowds of people comprising of locals, Chinese tourists, expatriates and international travellers .

Among the must-see of the Bund, from south to north, we note:

  • TheThree on the Bund (3 Zhongshan East 1st Rd), one of the emblematic places of the contemporary Bund. In this historic building redesigned by interior designer Michael Graves, tables high level ( Jean Georges Shanghai , Mercato, also by French chef living in New York Jean-Georges Vongerichten) alongside trendy bars (UNICO's chief Mauro Colagreco), the luxury boutiques (MCM) or spaces dedicated to art (Shanghai Gallery of Art). The place alone embodies the chic and exclusive Shanghai 2000s.
  • TheWaldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund (2 Zhongshan East 1st Rd): in the former Shanghai Club, private circle reserved for gentlemen of good company, Hilton Group has built one of the most luxurious hotels in China. The tea time and the Long Bar and its long wooden bar 34 meters are famous throughout the city.
  • M on the Bund(20 Guangdong Rd): a pioneer address of the Bund rebirth at the turn of the century opened under the auspices of the Australian restaurateur Michelle Garnaut. Mediterranean-Australian cuisine and terrace with views to the table whose success does not dry up.
  • Mr & Mrs Bund (Zhongshan East 1st Rd, 18): contemporary French brasserie Paul Pairet, the extraordinary chef who also has experimental restaurant Ultraviolet ( see below). Through a map XXL (over 150 courses) it offers guests sailing with happiness in the classical French repertoire revisited with humor and boldness. In the evening, subdued atmosphere and open late (until 2 am) for snap later.
    One floor above the restaurant, there is the Bar Rouge , a must for shanghaiennes nights while the local version of the Workshop Robuchon occupies the third floor, proclaiming to offer "  the largest open kitchen of Asia  ."
  • Fairmont Peace Hotel(20 Nanjing E Rd): the most famous luxury hotel of the Bund, the successor of the legendary Cathay Hotel opened in 1929. Atmosphere an antiquated strand to the delight of fans of the "  leading ladies" old .
  • The Peninsula Shanghai(32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road) certainly the most prestigious palaces of the new Shanghainese, installed at 32 of the Bund in a beautiful Art Deco building. Incredible comfort, design and atmosphere inspired by the glamorous 1920s Shanghai, tea time renamed, bar rooftopultra chic gallery and endowed with luxury shops make it an absolute reference in the city.

One last tip: if you were impressed in the daytime then definitely return after dark. It is at this point that the views of the skyscrapers of Pudong are their most spectacular.



  1. See the city from above!

Pending the now imminent opening of the Shanghai Tower and its observation platform at 561 meters high, on file at the Shanghai World Financial Center - you can not miss her figure shaped bottle opener - whose observatory 94 th floor is he already open to the public. Vertiginous views guarantees ... provided the weather allows for an unobstructed view.

Alternative advice: if you are unsure of visibility, ride to the reception of Park Hyatt Shanghai , between the 79 th and 93 th floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center , take a look at the view and enjoy, if the heart tells you, for a drink at the chic Pantry (lounge with dining card) or Bar (smoking).Both places have views to die for blow.

  1. Discover the "old" Shanghai

If we associate more readily with its Shanghai skyline chiselled and its futuristic architecture, some vestiges remain of what was once the city in the streets next to the Yu Garden, just a quarter of an hour walk to the Bund. Facades decrepit and disorganized streets (electric cables and tangled laundry hanging from the windows) give this part of the city lost a sense of authenticity. But do not stay confined (no pun intended!) To highly tourist places such as the Yuyuan (visitors from throughout China are extremely numerous) and bazaar teeming fast foods and counterfeit sellers unless you be tempted by a fake Rolex and discover the area by following your instincts!

One caveat, however: this is where the scam of "tea ceremony" is the most common. False students - and even false couples - perfectly harmless at first, approaching tourists and ask them to take pictures. What follows is a series of innocuous comments and questions supposed to trust the victims prior to being made available to attend the actual ceremony in a nearby building. A visit that will inevitably Soldera by an invoice ¥ 650 due immediately.

  1. Sip a cocktail while admiring the view ... and party through the night

Flagship of the Shanghainese night out on one of the many rooftops overlooking peppering the city.The idea? Enjoy the amazing views that characterize the contemporary Shanghai while sipping a cocktail.
To indulge in this practice altogether recommended the following bars are highly recommended.

In Pudong  :

  • Flair Rooftop Restaurant & Barat the Ritz-Carlton Pudong: the highest rooftops with outdoor terrace located since the 58 th floor of Shanghai International Finance Centre.
  • Sir Elly's Terrace : the beautiful terrace of the Peninsula. Chic atmosphere and reasonable pricing.
  • The Nest : home to the vodka brand Grey Goose, The Nest is one of the most popular bars among socialites local Rockbund between the Art Museum and the Bund. If he does not have rooftopstrictly speaking, terraces, balconies allow you to enjoy unique perspectives on the Huangpu River and the silhouettes of skyscrapers in the background.
  • Bar Rouge : this legendary bar-club Shanghainese night is not the place to be it once was but remains popular for its large terrace with views in the heart of Bund. The after- perfect after dinner at Mr & Mrs Bund.
  • The terrace of theSwatch Art Peace Hotel , opposite the Fairmont Peace Hotel.
  • The Roof at Waterhouse, the rooftop chic alternative of Waterhouse, design boutique hotel in southern Bund.

In northern Bund  (after passing the Bridge Waibaidu )

  • VUE Barat the Hyatt on the Bund: perched 32 th and 33 th floors of the Hyatt on the Bund, the Vue Bar offers the highest terrace Flair after that of the other side of the river.
  • TOPSat Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund on the banks of the Huangpu River, the terrace of thisresort city offers unparalleled views of the skyline of Pudong and the Bund, by its peripheral location.

To continue the party until the early hours, it will spin to the west of the city. First possible call at  M1NT(Fuzhou Rd, 318) described by the guide Louis Vuitton Shanghai as a local reference where international customers and Chinese jet set enjoy the pleasure of VIP square  , "citing the aquarium 17 meters long and filled with twenty small sharks (!) as one of the trappings of wealth that willingly flashy club.

Further west still, Shanghai Baron (20 Donghu Lu. 7 / F), cousin of the Baron 's Paris Avenue Marceau, has established itself as one of those clubs where one agrees to the queue a long time before they see - or not - accept input by Cerberus unfriendly. The concentration of very pretty young women inside explains that said the patience of gentlemen. Still farther west, in the heart of the French Concession, The Shelter (5 Yongfu Lu) has meanwhile evenings guarantees 100% underground in every sense of the term, since the club is housed in a former bunker fallout!

Other names to remember for fans of clubbing any less sharp: the Lola Club , Arkham, Reel to Reeland The Mansion . Caution, however, the big names of world electronic music (techno, house, minimal, deep house ...) rarely pass through China ... yet.

  1. Explore the Shanghai Art

While experts agree that Beijing still dominates artistic creation in the Middle Kingdom, contemporary art is also ubiquitous in Shanghai. The reason for this? A boundless enthusiasm of the Chinese elite to the works of contemporary Chinese artists who made the country the second largest art market in the world, behind the United States. The anti-corruption measures adopted by the Communist power has certainly put a stop to the exponential growth of this market, however, it is still very much alive.

To discover the Shanghai art, head towards the M50 (Moganshan Road, north of Shanghai), a city within a city dedicated to Chinese art. This former industrial site is home to dozens, if not hundreds, of galleries containing works by painters, sculptors and photographers. Further shops and cafes complete the visual delight and it is impossible to leave without one of the large walls dedicated to the fabulous and world famous street art.

  1. Stroll through the French Concession

The former French Concession, Shanghai’s colonial legacy of the past (the French had obtained this territory stretching east of the Bund in the middle of the nineteenth century), is now one of the most popular areas of Shanghai.

Shaded streets lined with trees, picturesque streets and Art Deco villas in the European style, sets the scene of calm and tranquillity contrasting with the bustle of the adjacent suburbs. This explains why the French Concession is now one of the most prominent districts of Shanghai. Independent fashion boutiques, designer shops, cafes, cocktail bars, quality restaurants are in mass abundance here.

Among the must sees of the French Concession, do not miss the different addresses of Franck Pecol, a French who quickly realized the potential of the area by implanting successively a chic bistro (Franck, 376 Wukang Rd), a bakery crossed with a coffee shop barista (the wonderful meal , 376 Wukang Road, which is small in Xintiandi, the Bund and Pudong up), an artisan glacier ( WIYF at 202 Wukang Lu, up to 100 meters tail weekends) mas also a creperie and a dinner in the US, all at the same address. If the mix of genres is surprising at first, the quality is it always the rendezvous. Thesuccess story  is so beautiful that even the   JT France 2 it is interested!