The Florida Disney World amusement park hosts a new amusement park dedicated to the world of James Cameron’s Avatar. Futuristic, visually sublime, Pandora promises a unique experience of its kind to visitors.

Remember, it was in 2009: the Avatar film , directed by James Cameron, landed in cinemas and revolutionized the world of the 7th art and 3D feature films . Good news, Avatar Land is about to open its doors. 

Avatar Theme Park to Open May 27

But before you even find the Avatar saga in the cinema, the spectators will be able to plunge into the universe of the Na’vis thanks to a gigantic amusement park. On May 27, the park Pandora will open its doors in the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom of Disneyland in Orlando. And for that, the teams of the company with big ears worked hard . The objective? Recreate the spooky and futuristic universe of the planet Pandora , with its tropical and lush jungle, where many dangers lurk …


A unique immersion experience

In a short video, Disney presents the backstage of the Pandora Park facility , and unveils the artworks of some attractions . The least we can say is that the result is phenomenal. And still, the word is weak!

On the images, we discover a whole new universe, made of plants and lights, in the middle of which the visitors will be invited to walk. They can even meet characters from the film, in animatronic version .

Magical attractions

Experience promises to be immersive. For example, visitors can sail on the turquoise waters of the world’s rivers in the Na’vi River Journey attraction . Travelers will operate in small boats in the heart of a bioluminescent forest.

They can also fly on Banshee, the great dragon birds tamed by the Na’vi. The park will feature an Aviation Flight of Passage flight simulation . The attraction takes its name from the famous scene of the Rite of Passage where Jake must catch his own Banshee that will remain faithful to him for the life.


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